Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life with Children

So Saturday's event that definitely falls under the category of "Why I never get anything done around here" would be Cat 1 coming in, bringing presents. More specifically a small, mostly-dead squirrel. Which he proceeded to toss around the kitchen floor, trying to get it to play with him further. And then of course, the dog wants it, since it's clearly a really cool toy. So Oldest Cub goes to pick up cat-and-squirrel, since he now has his toy firmly anchored in his mouth, and he has the audacity to growl at her around the squirrel!

And I'm such a good scrapbooking Mommy, I made her wait to toss the cat-and-squirrel unit outside, until I'd gotten a picture of them. ;-)

Oh, and did I mention, our pastor's oldest daughter was here, spending the night? Yeah, we really furthered her education....

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