Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yesterday's QOD

So I'm brushing my teeth yesterday morning, and I hear "Mom, I have a question." Hmm. Must be 8 am. "Here it is." OK, I'm ready. Not. "Exactly how fast do the electrons in electricity move? I have it figured out that they move 3 mm a second. Is that right?" Son, I have no idea.....

I assume this is from our d=rt conversation the other day, which pertained to vehicle speed, just for the record. And just for the record, I WAS RIGHT THAT TIME!

Big Doin's in the Lion Kingdom!

This morning, I volunteered to jack my auto insurance rate into the outer stratosphere for the next 20 years. It's official- the Oldest CubKid has gotten her driving license! She earned a perfect score on her driver's exam this morning. The Lion King is in shock, I think. I suggested that she drive her siblings to the soccer field, (joking, of course, I'm not ready to turn her loose just yet :-P), and he just sputtered. "You can't do that!" "Why not?" "You just can't! She's not legal!" Oh, yes, Daddy Dear, she is. Better get used to it.

And just to update on 2nd CubKid's big music contest last weekend, she did very well. The steel drum group scored a 1 (top score), and the comments were great. She also received a 1 on her piano. When it came time for her flute solo, which had fallen apart in spectacular fashion the weekend prior, I told her not to worry about it. The judge she had was giving out 2's and 3's- he'd given about 6 1's all day. I just told her to go in and do her best, and we wouldn't worry about the score. She did fine, 2 little trouble spots, but sailed through much better than the prior week, and we were both pretty pleased. He didn't write very long, so we figured it probably going to be one of his favored 2's. Well, she wound up being one of the 10 1's he gave all day. And then, silly me, I volunteered to take her and 3 friends shopping after, since they'd all done so well. What was I thinking? Repeat after me- never, ever, ever take 4 teenage girls to the mall without tranquilizers. I'm not sure for whom, but they're definitely necessary! I'm still traumatized...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Comment of the Day

So I'm standing in the kitchen, looking out the window at the beautiful spring day developing, thinking warm, sunny thoughts, and I'd just made a comment about it to Oldest BoyCub. He looks back at me with a serious expression on his face, and says, "Mom, the word 'president' must have a Latin or Greek root."


Friday, April 4, 2008

Who? Wha? What's this?

A blog? Out here in cyberspace? Methinks we've been neglecting it a bit. I believe LB told me a month ago to update. So I'm a little late.

First of all, we're all good. Busy, but good. Second CubKid has a big music contest tomorrow- playing steel drum, flute, and piano. Soccer looks like a wash, literally. We've had about 3" of rain today. I offered to stay home and clean house, but the Lion King said he'd chance the soccer. Actually, I believe the comment was he'd rather be drowned on the soccer field, than be forced to sit through umpteen middle school music performances. All righty then. Off I go, at the lovely hour of 7.15am.

We are winding down our school year- reading more, Math still going, and finishing up the co-ops we're in. I'm in pretty good shape for planning next year. The Little Cubs need the most attention, since they're both just reading, so that's the direction we're heading.

Today was Government and Biology- the Supreme Court, and boiling purple cabbage leaves. I think I need a nap.

More later, I wouldn't want this to become a habit or anything.