Friday, April 4, 2008

Who? Wha? What's this?

A blog? Out here in cyberspace? Methinks we've been neglecting it a bit. I believe LB told me a month ago to update. So I'm a little late.

First of all, we're all good. Busy, but good. Second CubKid has a big music contest tomorrow- playing steel drum, flute, and piano. Soccer looks like a wash, literally. We've had about 3" of rain today. I offered to stay home and clean house, but the Lion King said he'd chance the soccer. Actually, I believe the comment was he'd rather be drowned on the soccer field, than be forced to sit through umpteen middle school music performances. All righty then. Off I go, at the lovely hour of 7.15am.

We are winding down our school year- reading more, Math still going, and finishing up the co-ops we're in. I'm in pretty good shape for planning next year. The Little Cubs need the most attention, since they're both just reading, so that's the direction we're heading.

Today was Government and Biology- the Supreme Court, and boiling purple cabbage leaves. I think I need a nap.

More later, I wouldn't want this to become a habit or anything.

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