Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Because First BoyCub is who he is, the subject came up Christmas Eve. At 10pm at night, when I'm tiiiiiiired, because I've wrapped 15 million stocking stuffers, at least. 'Mom, I have a question. Where do you suppose Santa starts his deliveries? At the International Date Line? And how many time zones do you suppose he's able to cover in an hour? And what country does he start with?" "China, Son, but he also catches the kids in Siberia too." "Hmm. I'll have to give this some thought tonight." All right Boy, you do that. Let me know when you've solved the problems of world peace and the economy also....

I should probably also add a qualifier that we don't encourage Santa as a rule in the house. So this was totally hypothetical on his part. I just want to know why I have to be included in his musings. And Son, I'm not going off to college with you.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Letting Go of My Perfectionism

I just had to share one more thing. I'm trying to be gracious. I really am. And I know the kids like to wrap presents. But by golly, I'm having a really hard time with Oldest CubGirl's artistic license in wrapping her presents to her siblings. Her choice of wrapping paper? Brown grocery bags. And the adhesive of choice? Duct tape.


New Math

So because I've been slow off the marks this holiday season, we didn't get our traditional Playmobil advent calendar going. And Grammie usually sends us the little ones with chocolate in them, but she didn't this year. So I finally found 2 yesterday at Michael's, and made the younger 4 Cubkids' night, when I told them they could eat the chocolates up to yesterday's date. But then a minor battle ensued when they realized that there were 38 chocolates to be eaten by 4 children. I posted this dilemma to my favorite email group, and a friend responded with new math. I love this suggestion.

She suggested I could eat 2 and then the kids could divide 36, or I could eat 6, and the kids would each get 8, or the best answer, I thought, was that I could eat 34, and the kids could each eat one. At which point, I read this answer, and started laughing out loud. Then they all came running to see what I was laughing about, and said, "Mom! You wouldn't!" Then First BoyCub pointed out that he was pretty sure 34 pieces of chocolate weren't Weight Watchers-approved, and wouldn't I prefer a cookie or piece of fudge instead?

So much for that diet plan. But I do like new math.

Rushing Headlong Into Christmas

But I had to share this Question of the Day with you all. Yes, it again came from First BoyCub. I'm driving in monster traffic yesterday, and battling a headache, and got hit with this one.

"Mom, I have a question." 'OK.' "Here it is. If you were standing next to the International Date Line, would it be possible to wait until just before midnight, and then jump over the line, and lose a whole day? And if you didn't come right back, would it be lost forever?"

Does this count as one of those 'How many angels can dance on the head of a pin' questions?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Insanity Reins Supreme

I have made a tactical error. We tend to like more, um, creative birthday presents. And since it is Second Boy Cub's birthday today, and it's 2 weeks till Christmas, and I feel guilty that the poor kid has a birthday that gets blown over sometimes, (as do all my kids- it'll give them something to tell their therapists), I tried to get a cool birthday present. So since First Boy Cub got an add-on to the game Carcassone, Second Boy Cub also got an add-on. It was pretty cool actually. After FBC opens his, they both assure me there are more add-ons. Little did they know that Mom was on her game. And Mom is thinking- quiet strategy games on the floor. Yeah.

Anyway, the other present, which was the minor tactical error, was a solid 24 foot long piece of racetrack. And 10 Matchbox cars to go with it. Did you know that 24 feet of track will attach to your hall window via suction cup, go down the hall, through 2 loops, over the kitchen table, and continue across the kitchen floor? And did you know that it is possible to get a Matchbox car going fast enough to actually crack one of your windows? 'Nuff said.