Friday, December 21, 2007

New Math

So because I've been slow off the marks this holiday season, we didn't get our traditional Playmobil advent calendar going. And Grammie usually sends us the little ones with chocolate in them, but she didn't this year. So I finally found 2 yesterday at Michael's, and made the younger 4 Cubkids' night, when I told them they could eat the chocolates up to yesterday's date. But then a minor battle ensued when they realized that there were 38 chocolates to be eaten by 4 children. I posted this dilemma to my favorite email group, and a friend responded with new math. I love this suggestion.

She suggested I could eat 2 and then the kids could divide 36, or I could eat 6, and the kids would each get 8, or the best answer, I thought, was that I could eat 34, and the kids could each eat one. At which point, I read this answer, and started laughing out loud. Then they all came running to see what I was laughing about, and said, "Mom! You wouldn't!" Then First BoyCub pointed out that he was pretty sure 34 pieces of chocolate weren't Weight Watchers-approved, and wouldn't I prefer a cookie or piece of fudge instead?

So much for that diet plan. But I do like new math.

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