Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm thankful for...

Joy is found in the small things today.

Nothing on the schedule to get up for- we needed this slow time in the morning today. Time to sit on the sofa, children gathered 'round, reading about Flower Fairies.

An oldest child, hard at work on an essay, preparing for college, plans in place.

An older child playing hymns on her flute.

An older brother reading 'Brambly Hedge' to two transfixed younger siblings.

A middle child curled up in a chair, lost in stories.

4 cubic yards of soil being delivered, so we can start our gardens. Boxes already waiting to be filled with good dirt.

Band tonight, with a concert tomorrow. A fun, creative, productive time, and a reward for hard work this spring.

I think I can breathe again...

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