Saturday, January 16, 2010

Small Successes #1

We seem to be measuring our days with the yardstick of 'what isn't getting done.' I've been quite frustrated and discouraged with this, so I thought I'd borrow a page from Danielle Bean's 'Small Successes'. We have so much that is in an unfinished state, that I thought I'd try to write down what did get accomplished.

Our successes for today include:
1. Taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations.
2. Boys making calzones in the kitchen.
3. Catching up the laundry downstairs. Folding all the clean, and shipping it off to its respective rooms.
4. Getting stuff picked up a bit in the hall, and on the landing/mudroom area. (If we had a mudroom...)
5. Priming some of the green, green walls in the kitchen, to try to calm the color down. It's taking at least 2 coats of high-hiding primer, and we're hoping that the new color will cover a multitude of ills.
6. Sorting paperwork/knitting patterns, to try to tame the paper tiger.

So we have accomplished a bit. I have these days where I feel I do nothing but spin my wheels. All hail the small successes.

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