Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Children and I Are Changing Passports

We are having an amazing time. We arrived without a glitch, got our tiny, tiny van, (not sure where we are going to put the Lion King or his things), and other than a few wrong turns, made it out of Barcelona, and into France. We stayed at a wonderful hostel in Bealieau-Sur-Dordogne, that has been around since 50 years before Columbus set sail. When was that?

We saw castles and caves, and have navigated through the French countryside, but not so well. There are many small towns not on the maps. And you need to know where you are going to head in the right direction. Not easy when the directions are for the next small town not on your map.

We have discovered that you can buy baguette bread on any corner, and spread it with Brie cheese, which the children are eating like peanut butter. Not a habit we will encourage when we get back.

Today were Monet's Gardens and house. We all agreed it was amazing to be where he actually painted. We also toured a chateau, which the Germans had taken over in WW2. They had hollowed out the side of the rock, and built safe houses for the soldiers. A sad note to discover this in this beautiful chateau.

Tomorrow is the City of Lights, home of Madeleine. I'll try to update before we leave. Then we're going to the edge of Germany, but still in France, for one night, and then to the place where the Trials were held after WW2. We are actually touring a Medieval city not too far from there, on the Tauber River. (That's a clue.) And we are going to tour a 'Land' of my sons' obsessions- Knights, Vikings, and Fairytale Castles.

Hopefully I'll be able to update from Germany. Let me know if you need the answers for the clues.


hegele1 said...

Hello Stuart Family!

Glad to learn that you are having having such a wonderful tour of Europe.

Our answers are: Paris, Nuremburg, Rothenburg, and Salzburg. (not sure on the last one...when we did a google search for the clue it came up with Sweden, but didn't think you were traveling there)

Thanks for allowing us to explore Europe along with you!

The Hegele Family

Hannahm said...

Hi guys, its me again, I'm still clueless but getting less so...

By the way, do you know how easy it is to bop your siblings over the head with those long-bread-thingies? (I've only tried it once.) Meg promised to take lots of pictures for me don't let her forget! Have a good time!

Anonymous said...

We were wondering when we might hear from you. Glad to know the trip is going well.

I can't wait to see all of your pictures at scrapbooking! We miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

Is it cheating if I look at the itineray that Scott printed out for me????? Glad to hear you're having a good time!! Miss you tons! Give all of the cubs a big hug for me!! XOXOXO

P.S. Mom is trying to get into the 21st century to view the blog- any bets on whether she will be able to figure out how to post a response?????

Anonymous said...

Hi Stuarts! This is Sherry. Your mother is cheating! She's on the phone with me now. However, she will be at school tomorrow to attempt to do this herself. All bets are off. We both wish we were there! We're glad you're having a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys---
All bets are off! Here it is!! A reply from Dr. Lion. You can teach an old lion new tricks. Glad you are having such a good time. Still no passport!