Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let me rephrase that...

OK, it has come to my attention, if you Google oldest paintings, there are some now older than the ones we're visiting. So let's say the oldest ones conventionally believed to exist for a long time. They were discovered by a group of boys in the late 1800's, I think. How's that for generally vague?

As for prizes for guessing, you get the satisfaction of knowing you were right.

A suggestion for those following us vicariously- when my parents did their extensive traveling, we had the world map up on the wall, and the kids would move the marker wherever my parents were that day. It really brought home World Geography for them. I will try to post pictures if possible.

3 days and counting...

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Greta said...

Okay, when you said paintings known as being around the longest, we didn't read "old", we read "long", and were looking up the longest paintings, as in LENGTH!!! ha ha ha

Now I know you mean the Lascaux Cave Paintings! I studied them in honors art history a lifetime ago.