Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Clues-save this for later if you want to follow us on the day

OK, so the first place we're going to visit has the oldest paintings. This will be Sat. and Sun.

Second place- it's an area known for beautiful though not old chateaus, and a medieval castle being built in the 21st. Century. This is Monday night.

Third place, for a few days, he was known as a painter of light, and I don't mean Thomas Kinkade. He revolutionized how the world looked at art in his day.

Fourth Place, for one day- It's known for Madeline and Napoleon. My children want to see gargoyles.

I'll have to come up with a good clue for the 5th place, before we leave this country. Anyone figured out where we are yet?

If you need more hints, let me know.


Greta said...

Okay, the first place is Lascaux. Is the 2nd place Bordeaux? Third place has to do with Monet. 4th is Notre Dame. So, obviously, you are in France.

How did I do???

Robin said...

"In an old house in Paris that's covered with vines live 12 little girls in two straight lines...."

Enjoy Notre Dame :) it's kind a dreary inside and a bit dark if I remember correctly.

You area amzing to take all your kiddos with you.

Mamalion said...

Yea! Full points to Robin and Greta, we're going to France first!

Hannahm said...

The Madeline was the only clue that rung a bell with me. (I need 2 get out more)say hi 2 Meaghan 4 me, I hope u guys have a great time!