Friday, June 15, 2007

Especially for My Mother

We are in Carcassone, the Medieval walled city. It is my Mom's favorite, of that variety. The boys are in 7th heaven. We have stomped around all 3K of the ramparts, with the kids going 'Oh Cool!' every 2 seconds. We are on the way South, to meet the Lion King, who leaves tomorrow morning at some hour that no normal person should be required to be awake. He will arrive Sunday morning. We can't wait. Then we're off to the French Alps, and then the Swiss. I'll post clues later. For now, I'm tired. I went off by myself tonight, after the kids had eaten dinner, and had dinner. It was fantastic. The regional specialty is cassoulet, with duck drumstick, sausage, and beans. It's a great winter meal I need to try to make. Of course, I can't duplicate the effect of sitting on the terrace of a restaurant in Carcassone......

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Lion wishes she were there!Glad the pride liked Carcassone. Hope that the wedding went well.
Can't wait to see you and hear all