Saturday, June 16, 2007

Laundry Day and Find-the-Floor in the Car

In preparation for the Lion King's arrival tomorrow! Yea! My kids wanted a down day today, other than scoping out daggers and other Medieval weaponry that we don't have room for. But they can dream, right? Tomorrow, we are up at 7 am, to drive to Barcelona to get the Lion King. Then we turn right around, and retrace our steps back to France, and lots of Roman ruins. We're heading for a famous arena, and the longest surviving aquaduct. Any ideas? Then after that, off to Mont Blanc, and France's City on Water.


Anonymous said...

Hope the Lion King arrived safely!! He really seemed to enjoy the 4:00am wake up call!!
Did I mention I am loving cruising around in the minivan with the "6kds4us" and "Student Driver" sign. Its doing great things for my social life.... :-)

Hope you are having a great time now that the whole family is together!! XOXO

Rita said...

Good words.