Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Experience of a Lifetime

So yesterday we climbed to the top of Mt. Blanc. Or rather took a funicular. Since MB is the tallest peak in the European Alps, we only have credit for hiking in an alpine meadow. We let someone else do all the work. It was amazing. My pictures look like I've posed the kids in front of a backdrop. Today we're off to the Berner Oberland, for more meadows, and some real hiking.

The Lion King arrived safely, albeit a bit tardy, thankfully. And Small Bug graciously awakened and vomited just as we were arriving at the airport, so I found the closest place to park, near the terminal, and entreated a police officer for a 'bano', to clean her and the car/carseat/all targeted objects up. And did you know, it took just long enough for The Lion King's plane to come in? I coached the kids to say "Mama limpia!' It was all good.

We set off for the French city with the most Roman ruins, toured the longest-standing arena and temple, and then, since the hostel didn't have room for the night, took off for the edge of France. (An hour away from Mt. Blanc, on a lake.) Any ideas?

See you on the other side!

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