Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wish You Were Here...

The children and I are lolling on the Italian Riviera, eating pasta and gelato, and reveling in the beautiful blue Mediterranean. We saw our artists, left for the '5 Lands', and boy, what a drive that was! Now we're staying in an amazing castle for the night. Any ideas where we've been?

The hostel there was an old house built sometime in the 18th century. The kind lady running it put us up on the 2nd floor-which is our 3rd floor. My children assure me there were 55 steps, in a grand square around the hall, which went the whole way up. I'd rather not know that, thanks. And the room was amazing. The only one on the floor with a beautiful balcony, overlooking the garden and the Mediterranean. It's a tough life we're leading. There also was an awesome laundromat down the street. Small things to be very grateful for. I dumped the children in the sea, and did every single stitch of laundry. God is good.

We had lunch in a cute little town- we have discovered focacciarias. Yum! And of course, gelato, at least once a day, and twice when the Cubs can negotiate for it. We then went on to the last town of the 5, and found a beautiful beach. The Cubs are loving it. Driving back was interesting though- lots of twisting roads!

Tonight, we have started back toward France, to meet The Lion King on Sunday. We are staying in an amazing hostel, which is in a castle. The Cubs wanted a room in the tower, but I didn't want to hike to the bathroom! For those following us vicariously, we are in 'The End of Liguria'.


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Anonymous said...

We found out at 4H from Tamara about your blog, how cool. We are trying to follow you. We moved the world map upstairs and have been plotting your course. Jacob wasn't too interested until he realized it was Alex and her family. Now he's into it. Thanks for sharing your adventure and giving us a look at some world history. Have a good I have to tell you that :) The kids will be excited to hear about Alex's adventures. Can't wait to see the pictures. - Khris